Wireless Fire Alarm installation, maintenance and monitoring in Exeter, Bridgwater, Taunton, Tiverton and Yeovil

Wireless Fire Alarms

Fire protection for your property, staff and assets need not cost the earth with the latest range of wireless fire alarms available from LogiScan Fire and Security.

Quick and easy to install, as well as being cost effective, wireless systems have many advantages over a wired system – particularly with regard to being compliant with the regulations relating to BS5839:2002 and BSEN54.

Many clients – both commercial and domestic – are now switching to wireless systems for convenience and cost. We can guide you through the many options available to ensure we supply and install a system that precisely matches your needs.

How do wireless fire alarms work?

Wireless alarm systems are battery powered making them an ideal solution for buildings with no mains power feed. Unlike a wired system, devices are connected to sensor equipment, such as detectors, break glass points and sounders, via a secure radio link.

Just think of the advantages of a wireless system…

Connecting cables can often disrupt your staff and impact on the building itself. If you need significant lengths of cable it could prove very costly to connect them too – and by their very nature, wired systems are permanently fixed.

But there’s no mess when you install a wireless system and it is easy to transfer to another area of the building, making it completely portable, as well as flexible.

Our engineers can install your system quickly – with the minimum of fuss and you can easily add devices to your existing equipment if required.

Wireless fire alarm systems are the perfect solution for:

  • all types of office space/warehousing
  • hospitals and care homes
  • educational buildings
  • agricultural sites
  • historic and listed buildings
  • temporary/vacant buildings
  • remotely located sites.

If you would like to discuss your fire requirements please contact the Fire Alarms Manager today via www.scutum.uk.