Wireless alarm systems installation, maintenance and monitoring in Exeter, Bridgwater, Taunton, Tiverton and Yeovil

Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems technology – from LogiScan Fire and Security

Cost effective, totally flexible, fast and easy to install, just some of the benefits of the LogiScan wireless alarm systems range.

Wireless equipment is the modern solution to both fire and intruder protection and utilises the very latest technology to offer a range of benefits over a traditional wired system.

With no need for mains power and no connected wiring, it means you can have a system fitted and up and running in no time at all. No expensive building modifications for cabling – and minimal disruption to your staff’s day to day operations.

With its secure connection to mobile phone technology it’s the smart alternative too, letting you monitor your security remotely, with video capabilities too.

No wiring means it’s completely portable and can be moved to alternative locations if required. It’s easy to replace an old system or expand a new one and it’s simple to maintain too, with many systems including trouble shooting software to identify faults.

With all these benefits, little wonder then that many businesses and organisations, as well as domestic customers, are choosing wireless technology from LogiScan for their fire and intruder protection requirements.

Why go wireless with LogiScan?

Think about the key advantages of wireless technology from LogiScan:

  • It’s highly cost effective and efficient
  • It offers flexibility and versatility
  • It’s easy to replace or expand
  • It’s fast and simple to install
  • It’s easy to maintain and monitor
  • It offers greater security
  • It utilises smartphone/mobile device technology.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience of the many wireless systems on the market today and can find one that matches your needs. We ensure we are always in touch with the latest industry developments too – it’s what makes our expertise special.

If you would like to discuss your wireless fire and/or security requirements please contact the Alarm Systems Manager today via www.scutum.uk.