LogiScan fire alarm testing

Fire Alarm Testing

When fire strikes the consequences can be deadly, both in terms of your property and the people in your care.

That is why it is vital that you have a fully functional Fire Alarm System. It is the first line of defence, helping to save lives and giving fire fighters a chance to limit damage to your premises as best they can.

Like any piece of equipment a fire alarm system needs to be maintained and not left to deteriorate as standby batteries will lose power if left unchecked. The potential consequences of this are all too obvious.

Why is fire alarm testing so important?

Not only is testing a requirement of your insurance provider it is a legal requirement that all systems are tested regularly.

Article 17 of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the person responsible for the premises must ensure a weekly test is carried out by a competent person; this can be the landlord, manager or a person who has been properly trained.

Our fire alarm testing personnel will ensure you always meet the requirements of Article 17 of the Order:

  • They are available when you need them
  • They will carry out testing and checking procedures to ensure that your fire alarm system is functioning to its optimum capability
  • If required, they can also assist you when carrying out your six monthly fire alarm evacuation exercise.

By carrying out these tests on a regular basis staff working on site will feel safe in the knowledge that you, as their employer/landlord, are treating both their safety and the safety of the building as a priority.

What our personnel will test

System tests carried out on a regular basis is one of the most important elements of fire alarm maintenance.

Prior to carrying out the weekly fire test:

  • you will need to inform your staff/tenants and your Alarm Receiving Centre (if the alarm is monitored) that a test is to be carried out
  • advise your staff to treat an alarm as genuine if it lasts longer than one minute – we can also perform the tests out of normal working hours.

When carrying out the test LogiScan Fire and Security will:

  • want to test the system at the same time each week
  • check the system panel, check the power source and look for any signs of faults
  • with the controls enabled, randomly test the break glass manual call points
  • ensure the system sounds, randomly check the sounders
  • silence the system and reset it
  • ensure that the test results are recorded in a log book
  • use the log to record any incidents of false alarms or faults
  • submit a written report to the client – if requested to do so.

It is important to keep the log book in a safe place, somewhere that is easily accessible, as this will enable our inspection team to check all the test results.

If you want to find out more about our fire alarm testing service or to book a test, please contact us today via www.scutum.uk.