LogiScan Fire and Security design, install, commission and maintain Hotel Guest House fire alarm systems throughout Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Avon

Hotel & Guest House Fire Alarms

It is one of the most important sectors for effective fire protection. Hotel Guest House fire alarm systems are vital and a necessity by law.

But for smaller B&B’s and guest houses in particular, it can put a big strain on budgets. LogiScan Fire and Security can help you take the strain.

We have a range of both wired and wireless alarm systems that offer great value. They also ensure you meet the strict regulations of Fire Risk Assessment and the Regulatory Reform Order (RRO).

To help hotel and guest house owners meet their requirements under the RRO, there is a guide that covers all types of sleeping accommodation for staff, guests and residents etc,
For full information, visit www.communities.gov.uk/publications/fire/firesafetyrisk4

The fire protection systems you will need
The terms of the RRO are clear,

Nearly all premises offering sleeping accommodation for guests or residents must be equipped with a system featuring fire detection sounders and manually operated call points. These are commonly known as break-glass boxes.

Equipment must conform to either BS 5839-1:2002 or BS 5839-6: 2004 depending on the result of a proper Fire Risk Assessment.

It is important to find out exactly what the requirements are for your particular type of property. In essence the RRO varies depending on the size/occupation of the accommodation.

Ground floor/first floor accommodation of a limited size may only require an interconnected system of smoke alarms or point detectors with separate sounders.

Hotels and guest houses, boarding schools/student accommodation, are likely to require a more complex layout.

For this environment, you will probably need an automatic fire detection and warning system with control panel. A panel of this type is vital in identifying the zone/specific location where an alarm has been raised.

Take some time to read the RRO requirements via the link above. It will help you identify the right type of system for your accommodation.

If you would like to discuss your fire alarm requirements please contact the Fire Alarms Manager today via www.scutum.uk.