fire alarm maintenance in Exeter, Bridgwater, Taunton, Tiverton and Yeovil

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Don’t underestimate the importance of fire alarm maintenance.

Your fire alarm system could be a life saver – so you need to know you can rely on it around the clock!

That means, like any piece of working equipment, it needs to be serviced.

As a BAFE and NSI Gold accredited company, LogiScan Fire and Security offers comprehensive and highly cost effective maintenance support. Quite simply, your system could not be in safer or more experienced hands.

Our team of engineers will leave nothing to chance.

They will carry out thorough and detailed checks to ensure the system is functioning to its absolute best. It means complete peace of mind for you.

Not only that – we can service and maintain your system even if someone else supplied and installed it.

Why choose LogiScan for fire alarm maintenance?

  • Cost effective – we offer set fees for our maintenance packages, not hourly charges. By regularly servicing your system’s parts, you can extend their lifespan and reduce the risk of regular costly replacements
  • Comply with regulations – all our fire alarm maintenance services meet the very latest British Standards. It ensures you always comply with current fire legislation and the legal requirements of your insurers
  • False alarms – they can disrupt your staff, interrupt your working day and cost you money. Regular servicing and maintenance reduces the risk of false alarms. It ensures effective emergency service response too
  • Multiple system maintenance – even if you have a number of different systems working together, LogiScan can look after them all.

The LogiScan commitment to service excellence:

You can always rely on LogiScan’s team of engineers to keep your system at peak level. They have wide ranging expertise and many years of industry experience.

We run a highly knowledgeable team that is used to maintaining a wide range of systems currently in use.

But we are never complacent. We know new fire alarm technology is being developed all the time.

That’s why LogiScan gives all its engineers access to the very latest product information and further training.

We can respond quickly to your needs too. Most repairs can be carried out easily, as all engineers carry most of the equipment that may need to be replaced in their vans.

If you would like to discuss your fire alarm maintenance requirements please contact the Fire Alarms Manager today via