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Evacuation Chairs

Evacuation chairs

When fire breaks out, you need to have a proper evacuation process in place – and not just for those who are able bodied. That’s when LogiScan’s range of evacuation chairs can come to your aid.

In any emergency, it is essential that you have the necessary means of escape for those with a disability or a health condition, which may impact on their mobility.

Failure to meet these obligations contravenes the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and could leave a business or organisation open to prosecution.

LogiScan’s wide selection of evacuation chair solutions will give you a fast and efficient way of safely helping those who are unable to exit your building without assistance, such as those who are wheelchair bound or who are carrying an injury that is restricting their movement.

Through its parent company, Plymouth-based Securi-Guard Fire and Security, LogiScan can offer both powered and manually operated evacuation chairs that conform to current British Standards from UK specialist the CheckFire Group.

Our experts will identify the right product for your needs and building layout, helping you to become one of the growing number of clients who recognise the benefit of evacuation chairs as part of their overall fire protection measures.

Flexible with multi-sector applications

Evacuation chairs are an effective fire safety measure with applications across a whole range of commercial and residential, multi-storey environments, including:

  • Sports stadia
  • Student accommodation
  • Large theatre and entertainment complexes
  • Conference venues and major hotel chains

Training and product support from LogiScan

Our evacuation chair service begins with a full Risk Assessment in which our specialist team will work with you to select the right product – and where they will work most effectively.

Fire safety legislation also currently dictates that those staff responsible for the evacuation process are fully versed in the operation of the chairs and ensure they are always in good working order.

We can ensure they receive initial training in the correct and safe use of the chairs, as well as regular refresher training and maintenance support, carried out strictly to guidelines laid down by the manufacturer.

It is that kind of attention to detail that marks out LogiScan’s commitment to quality and professionalism across all its services – offering clients complete peace of mind.

Disabled refuge

As part of your fire safety provision, you can provide further protection at your premises with a disabled refuge, a designated ‘safe area’ or particular exit staircase to enable wheelchair users or those with mobility issues to stay safe prior to an evacuation. The refuge can also be fitted with an Emergency Voice Communication System (EVC) to assist in any evacuation process.

For more information on our evacuation chairs, please contact us today via www.scutum.uk.