fire alarm company yeovil

Fire Alarm Company Yeovil

Fire Alarm Company Yeovil – Make Gold industry approved LogiScan Fire and Security your choice
for fire alarm systems in the Yeovil area.

We have the knowledge and skill to ensure you have access to some of the best equipment and
technology currently available, from established worldwide manufacturers and suppliers needs.

Since the company was formed in 1995, LogiScan has built an enviable reputation for excellence and expertise across the widest possible range of fire alarm services, catering for clients in Somerset and a geographical area of operation that also covers neighbouring Avon, Dorset and Devon and Cornwall.

When you choose LogiScan you can trust in our ability to deliver the complete fire alarms service, from initial Risk Assessment to designing the right system for you and your infrastructure. We also offer competitively priced maintenance, service and repair contracts so you can work with just one fire alarms specialist covering all your requirements.

You can trust in our industry pedigree too. We have both British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) and National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold accreditation to give you complete peace of mind.

Respected clients from the industrial and commercial sectors, retail, hospitality, health and education are already taking advantage of our unrivalled and highly professional services. If you already have a system installed by another provider, we can still maintain and service it.

We can also offer you round the clock monitoring services too, from an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which also has Gold standard accreditation from the NSI.

Fire Alarm Systems


Conventional Fire Alarms       

Detectors are allocated to certain zones of a building and wired into a centralised control panel. When fire breaks out detectors are activated and the panel will enable to user to identify which area of the building has been affected. Offers an efficient and cost effective solution.

Analogue Addressable Systems

Unlike the zonal system of a conventional fire alarm, each detector has its own power source and raises the alarm by sending a signal to a central panel. As each detector is self-contained it is possible to pinpoint the exact location faster and with greater accuracy. Also called intelligent systems, they are ideal solution for bigger commercial operations and large factory premises.

Wireless Systems

A real growth area in fire protection, wireless systems are fast and simple to install and don’t need complex wiring or a mains power source. This makes wireless technology the perfect solution for remote/vacant buildings or where a temporary protection solution is required. All our systems comply with EN54-25 standard.

Air Aspiration Detection Systems

Highly sensitive and the perfect way to stop a fire taking hold, Air Aspiration technology is able to detect the minutest particle of smoke given off when a fire smoulders, for example, when electric cables overload. Detection devices are housed in a pipe system through which air is drawn by a fan. The perfect early warning system

Public Address/Voice Alarm Systems

You want people to stay calm in an emergency and studies have shown that they are more likely to do this when asked to follow broadcast instructions. We offer bespoke PA/VA solutions that complement the particular environment of your premises, with special consideration given to the acoustics.

Gas Extinguishing Systems

You can’t tackle fires in and sensitive equipment, such as IT systems, with conventional fire extinguishing products that use water, foam or dry powder. That’s where Gas Extinguishing Systems come in. Gases cause the displacement of oxygen to enable you to both supress and extinguish a fire without causing damage to expensive equipment.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Safe evacuation of premises in the event of a fire can be hampered if the mains power is compromised. Our emergency lighting solutions enable you to effectively illuminate safe areas and escape routes. We can also provide you with standby systems which can be powered by battery in one of two ways:

Self-Contained and Central Batteries

With a self-contained battery each individual lighting unit (luminaire) has its own power source. An ideal solution for illuminating smaller areas, each battery lasts between two and four years and only needs testing periodically. It is simple to add further lighting units too.

Central Battery

A battery life of five to 25 years makes this solution far more suitable for industrial/commercial businesses operating from large sites. Although a requirement for fire resistant cabling make this a costlier option, maintenance and testing is easier to carry out thanks to a central power source.

Additional fire protection services

  • Disabled Refuge – You want to make sure those with mobility issues are properly protected in the event of an emergency – and in a public building you have to by law. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order makes the provision of a safe area and suitable exit stairway a legal requirement. Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) can also be incorporated into the refuge to enable two-way communication during an emergency.
  • WC Alarms – A battery powered WC alarm system, utilising a ceiling cord pull, is a simple yet effective way to provide a lifeline for anyone suddenly facing an emergency situation. Our WC Alarm range all comply with current British Standards and are the perfect protection solution for those in hospital or in care, as well as those operating changing rooms and public reception areas.
  • Induction Loop – Induction loops use electromagnetic fields to convert a fire alarm into a sound that can be connected to all hearing aids being used in the immediate area. It is vital those with hearing difficulties are afforded proper protection in an emergency situation and there is legal requirement to provide induction loop technology in a public building.
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers – You may be surprised to learn that 88 per cent of fires are put out using a fire extinguisher making them a vital component of any fire protection measures. We offer water, dry powder and foam extinguisher products which meet the British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) SP101. We can also give you access to CO2 extinguisher equipment and more specialist solutions for metal and chemical fire hazards.
  • Remote Monitoring – LogiScan offers the complete fire protection service – and that service wouldn’t be complete without our remote monitoring capabilities. Our highly trained team of operators can monitor your fire alarm technology 24 hours, seven days a week from our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) Gold CAT ll, as accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Complete protection and complete peace of mind

If you would like to discuss your fire requirements please contact the Fire Alarm Manager today via