Fire Alarm Company Taunton

Fire Alarm Company Taunton

Fire Alarm Company Taunton – Cutting edge fire alarm and detection systems from LogiScan, one of the
South West’s largest independent fire and security experts –  offer the perfect solution for a range of
cross sector customers in Taunton.

We offer a bespoke service tailored to your individual needs. From designing and installing right through to a full range of keenly priced maintenance and repair contracts, LogiScan is the provider of choice, not only in Taunton, but Wellington, Bridgwater, Minehead, Ilminster, Honiton and Yeovil too.

As British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) company, we pride ourselves on working with the very best suppliers and manufacturers who are at the forefront of both wired and wireless fire protection equipment. Using our knowledge and expertise we can deliver tailor made products for commercial and industrial firms, as well as for the retail, health, education and hospitality sectors.

Our service starts with a comprehensive Risk Assessment helping us to identify which system is most suitable for your infrastructure and will best protect your assets. Our systems are highly advanced yet relatively simple to use and we also have specialist in-house design service aimed at architects, electrical contractors and consulting engineers.

Take advantage of our Gold standard monitoring services too. Utilising the very latest technology at our National Security Inspectorate NSI Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), our specialist monitoring team work 24 hours, 7 days a week alerting emergency services or those responsible for key holding to any activations.

It doesn’t even matter if you have an existing system that was installed by another company. You can still choose LogiScan to handle all your monitoring, servicing and maintenance needs delivered by our highly skilled team.

All our engineers and surveyors have an extensive industry track record and detailed product knowledge to give you complete peace of mind. What’s more, we have a rigorous training programme in place so all staff keep pace with new technological innovations and any changes in fire safety laws.

Fire Alarm Company Taunton – Systems


Conventional Fire Alarms

A highly efficient alarm system offering value for money, conventional alarms use one control panel which is wired to detectors fitted in specific zones of a building.  In the event of a fire, detectors are activated and the user can identify in which zone it has occurred, via the central panel.

Analogue Addressable Systems

Also known as intelligent systems, analogue addressable alarms are designed for use in larger premises/factories. Instead of the conventional alarm’s zonal system, individual detectors send a signal to the central control panel enabling the user to identify the exact location of the fire quickly and with accuracy.

Wireless Systems

When there is no option for a mains electricity supply or one isn’t available, wireless systems provide the answer to fire protection. Perfect for empty/vacant property or isolated buildings, we can give you access to the latest battery operated fire alarm systems, which are all EN54-25 compliant. With no wiring required, installation is fast and systems offer great flexibility.

Air Aspiration Detection Systems

Air aspiration systems utilises extremely sensitive detection devices which can identify the tiniest of smoke particles when a fire smoulders. The devices are contained in a series of pipes and holes which air is drawn through via a fan. Thanks to its sensitivity, these systems can detect the smallest particles of smoke like those emitted when electricity cables overload.

Public Address/Voice Alarm Systems

Research shows that people are more likely to stay calm during an emergency evacuation procedure if they can follow broadcast instructions. That makes PA/VA systems such an invaluable part of fire protection. Designed and tailored to your individual needs and taking into account key factors, such as the acoustic qualities of the environment, we offer solutions to cater for your entire premises or specific areas.

Gas Extinguishing Systems

When you need to protect part of your premises from a fire risk, but also safeguard the integrity of equipment housed there, gas extinguishing systems provide the answer. Instead of systems relying on the use of water, foam/powder, gases that displace oxygen are used for both the suppression and extinguishing of fires. Perfect for areas housing computer servers, mains electricity systems and other sensitive equipment.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Designed to light specific areas and escape routes, emergency lighting will help a building’s occupants escape an emergency situation quickly and safely when mains power has failed. Standby emergency lighting options are also available as part of our range of systems. The only other choice to make is how your system is powered.


Under this option, each unit, or luminaire as it is also referred to, is powered individually without the need for a central battery power source. Perfect for lighting smaller areas, the other advantage of this system is it only requires periodic testing and if you require additional lighting units, they can be added easily. Batteries usually last from two to four years.

Central Battery 

When you need to protect large areas of your premises, central battery solutions are the most viable option available. Batteries last from five to 25 years and although the need for cables that are fire resistant increases the cost of such a system, its central power source makes maintaining and carrying out tests much easier.

Additional fire protection services

  • Disabled Refuge – Protect those with a disability or may have difficulty escaping a fire emergency with a disabled refuge. This is an area of safety or exit stairway that will help in the safe evacuation of those who may require assistance. You must provide a refuge of this type in public buildings to meet the legal requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. It can also utilise Emergency Voice Communication System (EVC) technology to improve communication in the event of a fire.
  • WC Alarms – Ideal for a care/nursing homes, as well as in changing facilities and reception areas, Our WC alarm solutions are a fast and easy way to raise the alarm in an emergency. Battery powered, disabled persons or anyone in distress can summon help by pulling the ceiling cord, which is connected to an alarm. All our systems meet the requirements of British Standards too.
  • Induction Loop – As modern alarm systems largely rely on sound to alert people to an emergency, it is important your fire protection provision caters for those who are hearing impaired. All public buildings are required to install the electromagnetic field known as an induction loop, which will ensure those persons using hearings aids will be alerted to the sound of a fire alarm.
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers – Were you aware that fire extinguishers successfully tackle 88 per cent of fires? From water, foam and dry power extinguishing equipment to CO2, metal and chemical fire extinguishers, LogiScan has the complete solution for your portable fire protection needs. Trust in our product range which all have the necessary British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) SP101 status and meet British Standard 5306 requirements. We also have a clearly defined environmental policy in place for disposing of equipment.
  • Remote Monitoring – Utilising the very latest software and equipment, LogiScan offers the highest industry standards of alarm monitoring services and is also ensures staff are kept up to date with new software technology/equipment coming to the market. Rest assured that your employees and infrastructure are in safe hands thanks to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) Gold CAT ll accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). We can monitor every type of alarm with a service that’s 24/7 so you are always protected with LogiScan.

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