Temperature Monitoring System for environmentally sensitive assets

Elpas – Temperature Monitoring

Elpas Temperature Monitoring Solutions

A state of the art, yet cost effective system to monitor temperatures in environmentally sensitive assets and surroundings.

The Elpas Temperature Monitoring Solution is a browser based system, utilising wireless technology to enable your business to comply with strict temperature levels governing building areas or certain assets/equipment, such as refrigerators.

Highly flexible, it can be set up as a standalone system for small numbers of equipment or extended to cover several hundred across multiple building locations.

Maximum coverage and control of temperature sensitive equipment and environments from one interface, it is the ultimate automatic temperature monitoring solution.

How the Elpas Temperature Monitoring Solution works

  • Temperature sensors utilise Elpas Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • Sensors are mounted in temperature sensitive equipment or locations
  • The sensors transmit temperature readings around the clock
  • If there is any deviation personnel are alerted and can correct temperature levels.

Elpas Temperature Monitoring – the key benefits

Designed to automatically monitor and log temperature conditions continuously, the system is perfect to ensure compliance with current regulations – and improve staff efficiency/productivity.

The system also reduces loss and spoilage from equipment temperature malfunction, as well as improving safety and quality.

Other key benefits include:

  • Flexibility of standalone or multi system/location coverage
  • Real time alerts to effectively manage temperature monitoring
  • Colour coded gauges and graphs
  • Map views of sensor locations and tabular temperature data
  • Historical and real time reports capability, either on demand or scheduled
  • Temperature alerts facility via pagers, display panels, text message, email, PA announcements or on screen computer message

CE, FCC and IC compliant.

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