Peace of mind that staff are protected - Elpas Staff Duress Call Solution

Elpas – Staff Duress Call Solution

Elpas Staff Duress Call Solution – total protection, complete peace of mind

Give your staff the peace of mind that they are protected at all times with the Elpas Staff Duress Call solution.

Just one button press is required for a person to alert colleagues to an emergency situation.

The device utilises Active RFID/RTLS technology to identify the precise location of the user with pinpoint accuracy, enabling a swift response.

How the Elpas system works

  • Staff are fitted with an Elpas Active RFID Personnel Badge complete with wireless call function
  • In an emergency situation, the user summons help by pressing the badge call-button
  • This sends a discreet signal to colleagues via the Elpas Receiver Network
  • It identifies which member of staff needs help and their precise location.

The benefits of the Elpas system

The Elpas Staff Duress Call Solution, can be adapted to any indoor or outdoor work environment and offers a range of benefits from either a single door or multi networked protection.

  • Add staff members to the system at any time without compromising individual safety
  • Advanced systems offer alert notifications, audit trails and system logs
  • Real time location data to maximise speed of response
  • Multiple notification methods support paging services, display panels. text messages emails and warning messages via computer
  • Comprehensive report data to review incidents and evaluate procedures
  • Easy integration with existing security and CCTV systems
  • Local control to ensure worker protection even when parts of system are offline
  • Easy to use software and no EMI interference

Technology is CE, FCC and IC compliant.

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