BabyMatch Infant Protection from Elpas - simple and effective

Elpas – BabyMatch Infant Protection

Elpas – BabyMatch Infant Protection

BabyMatch Infant Protection from Elpas is a simple and effective ‘Guardian Angel’ designed to safeguard every infant in your care.

Designed for hospitals to protect babies from abduction or where infants are mistakenly mismatched, it’s the complete protection solution offering total peace of mind for parents and healthcare staff alike.

Utilising Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, it simply keeps a ‘real time’, permanent eye on the exact location of a baby from the moment it is born until it is discharged with its parents.

How the Elpas BabyMatch works

  • Following the birth, a tamper proof RFID charm is attached to the baby’s ankle
  • The charm monitors the precise location of the infant within the protected area
  • Any unauthorised or unescorted attempt to remove the child will trigger an alert
  • Staff can immediately pinpoint the location and respond swiftly.

Elpas BabyMatch – the key benefits

The Elpas BabyMatch system is highly flexible too. It can be tailored to the exact security protocols of any hospital or healthcare organisation and has a whole range of additional system features and benefits, including:

  • Multiple monitoring of babies, family and staff without compromising safety
  • Mother and baby matching options prevents accidental switching
  • Tamper alerts if attempts are made to remove RFID charm
  • Baby escort options for permitted movement of infants
  • Easy to use software with links to Smartphones for security breach protection
  • Access to comprehensive event audit information and system log options
  • Third party integration to existing security and patient care systems
  • Local system control to protect infants when network or server offline

CE, FCC and IC compliant with no EMI interference to hospital equipment.

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