Thermal Imaging CCTV system installation and maintenance in Exeter, Bridgwater, Taunton, Tiverton and Yeovil

Thermal Imaging CCTV Systems

Thermal Imaging Systems – from LogiScan Fire and Security

Protect your people and office infrastructure with a vital part of CCTV technology – Thermal Imaging Systems.

In an emergency situation you may need to find those at risk fast and our range of modern, cutting edge solutions will deliver every time.

We offer the latest thermal imaging technology which are affordable while meeting the highest levels of technical specification.

Highly effective in any light or adverse weather conditions, technological advances also mean that current thermal imaging cameras can be beneficial in a variety of sectors, particularly commercial and industrial settings.

These benefits include:

  • Heat loss detection
  • Pinpointing roof leakage
  • Locating pipes
  • Energy audits
  • Gaps in insulation and air leaks
  • Location of electrical connections
  • Highlighting high moisture levels in building materials
  • Location of pests and other infestations

Thermal Imaging Systems – how they work

Thermal cameras are designed to pick out the heat radiated from people and objects, making them a vital piece of equipment in emergency where visibility is compromised, such as in fires and building collapses.

Where ordinary cameras are restricted by those elements which block out reflected light, thermal cameras look beyond these barriers to locate any sources of heat being given off

Thermal Imaging Systems can also work in tandem with LogiScan’s advanced video analytics technology which can pinpoint any issues with camera systems.

This particularly beneficial in reducing false alarms, which are sometimes an issue with standard CCTV systems.

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