IP CCTV system installation and maintenance in Exeter, Bridgwater, Taunton, Tiverton and Yeovil

IP CCTV Systems

Cutting edge IP CCTV systems – from LogiScan

Technology is moving fast, so stay ahead of your competitors with LogiScan’s comprehensive range of IP CCTV systems – the perfect solution for the digital age.

IP systems are designed to create electronic data from traditional video footage and audio recordings and offer powerful software capabilities in High Definition.

Such has been the advance in technological development in this field, modern IP systems are now a very viable alternative to the analogue systems, which have traditionally been at the forefront of security solutions.

Offering flexibility at a competitive price, our team of specialist engineers can deliver a system designed to your exact specifications and budgetary needs.

What makes our IP systems particularly attractive is that modern technology allows for seamless integration with your existing computer infrastructure.

Don’t worry if budget constraints put a complete system out of reach. In many situations, technology allows you to improve your current CCTV coverage with fewer camera units.

IP CCTV Flexibility – at a competitive price

You can take advantage of our IP CCTV solutions – without replacing your current system.

What’s more, our engineers are able to link new equipment via existing coax cables, bring the cost down even more.

With High Definition imaging that’s over five times greater than typical analogue technology, you can play back images countless times without the quality deteriorating.

It’s even possible to access systems remotely from a range of mobile and desktop devices. Just login via a secure server to see the ‘real time’ footage direct from your CCTV system.

Get added benefit from your IP CCTV system by linking it to our Video Analytics solutions putting valuable data and intelligence at your fingertips.

 The benefits of an IP CCTV system from LogiScan 

  • Link to current systems and save money on cabling
  • Add single cameras, not multiple units
  • High Definition resolution with no degradation of footage
  • ‘Real time’ remote access capabilities
  • Centralised system offers staff and equipment savings
  • Better data security and storage.

If you would like to discuss your IP CCTV System requirements please contact the CCTV Manager today via www.scutum.uk.